Museum Exhibits

June 2015       Railroad Exhibit –  Storefront window of Queen Bee Candy Store, Main street, Lovell (across from the Hyart Theater)

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad gave us a grant and the Museum is currently working on gathering and preserving the railroad history for this area. We have placed some railroad items, tools the rail workers used, artifacts, and photos in the storefront window at the Queen Bee Candy Store on Main Street across from the Hyart Theater. Please go by and take a peek at them.

May 2015          Military History  –  Lovell-Kane Area Museum, 287 E. Main St., Lovell (sharing the Chamber of Commerce/Town Information Center building)

Rich Fink has loaned the Museum an assortment of Military memorabilia which is currently on display.  National Guard records, photos, medals, and miscellaneous other artifacts are among the items.  Please come by and see them.  You may find yourself or your relative in the photos, or records.

March 2013      Accessories Exhibit – First Bank of Wyoming, Bank of Lovell, Big Horn Federal

We placed an assortment of hats, jewelry, gloves, purses, belts, etc. in display cases in the three banks in Lovell: First Bank of Wyoming, Bank of Lovell, and Big Horn Federal. They are lovely accessories collected from previous residents of Lovell and Kane, worn in bygone days. Please stop in to see a bit of history — see what your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends wore when they dressed up and went out.


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