High Country Cowboys Concert

High Country Cowboys2


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Lovell Community Center

Fun Begins at 6 p.m. with a Cowboy Supper

Refreshments & Cash Bar

Concert Begins at 7 p.m.

$15  Tickets available at

Lovell-Kane Area Museum and

Queen Bee Gardens

or Call 307 548-2396

50/50 tickets will be sold

Winner of the 50/50 will be

announced directly after the Concert

All Proceeds will go to benefit the Lovell-Kane Area Museum

Museum Open House

WP_20170616_003 WP_20170616_005

The museum will be open to the public Monday through Saturday, June 19-24, the week of Lovell Days.  Please stop in and see us.  Our hours will be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please come and learn about the beginnings of Lovell and Kane and the surrounding areas.  With your participation and interest we believe that the museum will continue to grow and flourish.  Learning about and preserving the past is a wonderful way to build a sense of belonging and connection to those individuals who lived here and gave us such a rich heritage.

This is your museum.  Please come and enjoy it with us.

We’ve Moved!

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Good news!  The Lovell-Kane Area Museum has successfully moved!  Our new location is 354 Oregon Ave.  Turn the corner off Main Street and head past the Chamber towards the Lovell Library.  We are on the left.

For the better part of this past week Museum board members and volunteers have worked hard to box up and move items into our new Museum building!  Wednesday evening was a wonderful effort.  So many individuals came to our aid in moving our 6 large display cases!  Those cases were custom  built for the museum and were a source of concern in the move.  The Board members are so grateful for their help.

We cannot begin to tell you how happy we all are to have our “very own museum.”  We now have space to spread out and continue collecting and displaying valuable pieces of the local history.

Denim and Lace Spring Fling

The Lovell-Kane Area Museum and the Lovell Senior Center Quilters paired up to hold a Spring Fling on Friday, May 19th! They called it the Denim and Lace Spring Fling! A program was presented followed by refreshments of strawberry and blueberry cheesecakes and sparkling cider. The program included a parade of hats from the 1920s to the 1970’s, courtesy of Loretta Bischoff. Her mother, Virga Bischoff had a wonderful collection of nearly 200 hats from the period.

Five Lovell teens modeled some of the collection. Ron McClure and Emmaline Eim played background music during the show . Kenley Wilson, a Lovell 2nd grader, sang and played the guitar. The event was well-attended. Boutique items were made by Senior Citizen members and Museum Board members and generous donations were made by those attending.

Thank you to all who attended and contributed to this delightful event

Museum Display

Queen Bee Window Display
In an ongoing effort to increase the visibility and existence of the Lovell-Kane Area Museum, we have contracted with Queen Bee Gardens for the use of their storefront windows. We had a Christmas display that was very fun. Currently we have some old fashioned woodworking tools and we have some old fashioned school desks on display. We appreciate the opportunity to have displays on Lovell’s Main Street. A big Thank you to Queen Bee.

The Lovell-Kane Area Museum is Moving!

The Lovell-Kane Area Museum has been given a big gift! A building to house the MUSEUM! Loretta Bischoff generously donated the house at 354 Oregon Avenue for our use. The Museum Board is absolutely thrilled with the prospect of moving into a building with rooms for exhibits and displays. Remodeling is underway. Flooring, painting, new wall construction to expand and open the areas for displays and shelving and cases, etc. is currently being done. A new porch was added to make the museum handicap accessible.
It is our goal to have an Open House the week of Mustang Days. That isn’t very far off, and we may need a few volunteers to help us move some of the bigger items, such as our large display cases, and our shelving. We will keep you posted as to when that might be. Mustang Days is just about 4 weeks off, though, so it will be soon!

2016 Museum Activities Recap

Despite the fact that we haven’t had a lot of posts on our website of late, the Museum was very busy in the year 2016.  Some of those events were:

We published our annual Lovell-Kane Area Museum Newsletter: “Bridging the Past to the Future” 2016. Museum efforts and goals were outlined in our Spring newsletter.

The Great Western Sugar Factory celebrated its 100 year celebration in June 2016. The Museum worked with the sugar factory to showcase artifacts /items in their display window at Queen Bee Gardens on Main Street.

The Kane/Ionia Cemetery Cleanup was planned for June 2016. This annual opportunity to do some weeding and sprucing up of the cemetery has been supported and sustained by the efforts of a several dedicated Museum supporters.

The museum was open through the summer for all to drop in and visit. The afternoons were staffed by members of the Museum Board- Monday through Fridays from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. Thank you to all who were willing volunteers.

The Kane Bus Tour: We had a very successful bus tour in October of 2016. We were able to presell tickets and fill up the bus we rented. Karen Spragg did an excellent job recounting the stories of the area.

Our Annual Museum Fundraiser was a big success in October of 2016. The High Country Cowboys of Red Lodge performed and were so delightful. An auction was held, and additionally a silent auction. Bumblebee Soup Designs provided amazing decorations for the event and for every table. A wonderful dinner was provided as well as a cash bar. We were so happy with the positive response from everyone who attended and for the support of many who were unable to attend. The Museum is very grateful for the continuing support of so many people, both near and far.

Halloween: The Museum joined the other businesses of Lovell in handing out candy to kids for the annual Halloween event. Western Sugar was one source of donated candy. Other individual citizens also generously gave us candy to share.

2017 Calendars: The Lovell-Kane Area Museum Calendar “Preserving the Past for Future Generations” was produced and sold as another fundraising effort. Through the diligent efforts of Sharie and Karen to find and reproduced old photos and advertisements, the 2017 calendar featured black and white photos of Lovell Businesses from the past. Slogans, advertisements, logos were also cleverly included with those businesses. Our calendars sold like hotcakes! What a fun way to walk down memory lane and honor Lovell’s past!

Throughout the year many individuals have graciously donated items to the museum. We are very excited to be able to share these items with you.

2015 Kane Bus Tour Report

The Lovell-Kane Area Museum’s Annual Kane Bus Tour was held Saturday, September 26th! Participants met at the Big Horn Visitor Center, National Park Service on Hwy 14A at 10.00 a.m.

This 4 hour tour visited the town site of Kane, the M L Ranch, John Blue’s Cabin, andthe Kane/Ionia Cemetery.  The Museum was able to rent a school bus to accommodate the pKaneBusTourIMG_1076 copyarticipants.  Linda Hitz drove the bus.  Karen Spragg served as tour guide.  Booklets with photos of previous inhabitants were used to picture “what used to be” in Kane.  Karen told stories and identified specific locations and activities.

Karen Spragg addresses the group at the ML Ranch.
KaneBusTourIMG_1077 copy

The John Blue Cabin was a favorite stop on the tour.

KaneTourJBIMG_1090 copy

KaneTourBlueIMG_1091 copy

The group stopped at the Kane/Ionia Cemetery.  Karen demonstrates dowsing– the use of a water witching rod.  Dowsing is the action of a person–called the dowser–using a rod, stick, … rod, or pendulum–to locate such things as underground water, hidden metal, buried treasure, etc.

KaneTourIoniaIMG_1097 copy

The day was hotter than we expected.  However, the group enjoyed seeing and hearing about these historic sites.  Thanks to everyone who assisted and attended another great Kane Bus Tour.  And thanks to Karen Spragg for her untiring efforts and devotion in making this tour possible.

Kane Bus Tour

The Lovell-Kane Area Museum’s Annual Kane Bus Tour* will be Saturday, September 26th!

This 4 hour tour will take you to Kane, M L Ranch, John Blue Cabin, and Kane/Ionia Cemetery.

We will meet at the Big Horn Visitor Center, National Park Service on Hwy 14A at 10.00 a.m.

Bring a sack lunch. Water will be provided. Bring a jacket and wear walking shoes.

Learn about the pioneers of the area on this fun and educational tour.  Come join us!

Tickets: $15.00

* A release must be signed before boarding the bus.

Tickets can be purchased at:

Lovell Chamber/Lovell-Kane Museum (307 548-7552)

Homesteader Museum, Powell (307 754-9481).

Or you may call Karen Spragg (307 548-7212 or 307 272-0959)

Rich Fink (307 548-2965 or 307 272-1931)

Sharie Loegering (307 548-7002)

Board Welcomes Two New Board Members

The board would like to welcome Shari Loegering and Dawn Hoffman as new museum board members. Both Shari and Dawn have been advocates of the development of the Lovell-Kane Area Museum and have given us a lot of support and encouragement.

Welcome Shari and Dawn.  We are looking forward to your input and participation.  Thank you for volunteering to help us with the growth and development of our museum.